Sunday, March 23, 2008

First Nebraskan killed in Iraq from my hometown

He died two weeks into the war five years ago and his relatives are still for the war! His nephew has signed up to join the reserves!

NPR March 23, 2008


Unknown said...

Ms. Svoboda, my name is Gordon Smith and I am the author of the Wikipedia entry ''Executions by the United States Air Force'' which you cite in your book. If you would like to discuss the sources I used for that entry, I can be reached at I am quite interested in this subject (the military death penalty) and would be quite happy to share any information I have on it with you.

Mjm said...

Ms. Svoboda,
Your book Black Glasses Like Clark Kent is great. I read it in an attempt to try to help understand my father. I am trying to do some research regarding G.I. convictions and prison treatment during WWII. I have a suitcase of letters written by my father after his court martial in WWII. He was born in Rushville, NE. He always said he was almost shot like Eddie Slovik for desertion. His letters are well written and interesting to read. I have tried to do research about the trials and prison camps he writes about but I hit brick walls. I believe what happened to him affected his entire life. Relatives have told me to burn these letters, but I will not do this.